Lucky 7 is a banner first and a buying group second and as such our members enjoy the same level of supplier trading support and service as any other major convenience banner group.

Become a Lucky 7

All of our members are locally owned and operated, and with over 150 sites nationally, we’re providing a full formatted style retail operation and program for the independent convenience channel. Lucky 7 has been supporting the independent convenience channel for over 15 years. We are proud of our Platinum Partner supplier relationships developed, and are working together to provide our members with savings through better buying practices.

As a Lucky 7 branded offer, our members enjoy the benefit of looking and operating like a major nationally recognised banner group, while maintaining their local independence. This is the best of both worlds for our members and is the main reason why Lucky 7 continues to grow. The success of the Lucky 7 Banner has allowed the brand to explore other markets. Lucky 7 has become a specialist brand assisting major Catering companies with retail Operations in Mining, Education, Hospitals and Defence force locations. Our brand marketing and consumer promotions continue to raise our brand awareness with consumers and drive new customers into our members business. There’s a strong focus on invest in our network with branding, field support, structured monthly promotional programs and incentives to help our retailers to remain competitive in a tough retail market.

Top 7 benefits to join

  1. Nationally recognised banner
  2. Dedicated retail knowledge, expertise & support
  3. Structured monthly promotional program
  4. Regular field visits and support from Lucky 7 Business Development Managers
  5. High impact store branding
  6. Customer loyalty incentives
  7. Part of the Metcash Food & Grocery Convenience division

How do I qualify?

  1. Independent convenience store with a shop size of 60-300 square meters
  2. Registered member of Campbells Wholesale/C-Store, with the ability to meet our minimum monthly purchase criteria
  3. Compliance to monthly promotional program
  4. Meet our minimum 10 point convenience store standards criteria and go into a 3 month probationary period
  5. Sign a 3 year Alliance Agreement post a successful probationary period
  6. Pay annual membership fee to Lucky 7
  7. Remain a compliant member to the program for the duration of our agreement

Become a Supplier

Lucky 7 are constantly working on ways to deliver a higher level of compliance and support for our supply partners in the independent convenience channel. Examples of our commitment can be found in the monthly checks and measures we have, such as:
–          Monthly site visits and promotional compliance checks by field team
–          IPad audit application & reporting capabilities utilised by field team
–          Planned Monthly Call Cycle activity


Lucky 7 runs a calendar month promotional program for our members which include a strong mix of core convenience lines. This is important for both our supply partners and our membership as it demonstrates a balanced approach to promotional activity. This is welcomed by all of our direct supply partners as it limits the amount of activity in each category.

Trading Terms

Lucky 7 is a banner first and a buying group second and as such our members enjoy the same level of supplier trading support and service as any other major convenience banner group. For our suppliers we offer a strong well supported member base of over 150 sites nationally and a promotional program that offers the same high quality point of sale as any other major banner group. Our members have access to the new Lucky 7 website containing retail support tools such as category planograms which are negotiated with our supply partners & we are working with our members to coordinate planogram implementation at store level. Our field team have strong relationships with each and every member and we engage with all of our trading partners at a local field level.

Platinum Partners

Platinum Partners is a positive step in securing the independent channel. Platinum partners is about long term relationships.

Platinum Partner sponsorship provides:

· Excellent value for money
· Access & endorsement
· Exclusive advertising & communication opportunities
· Structured business building activities
· Recognition & Reward

This is an invitation only program offering suppliers key benefits such as:

· Brand advertising on new web page & Monthly promotional Point of sale
· Preferred promotional slotting
· Agreed channel specific core range in all planograms
· Access to Field Team monthly Cycle Plan activity
· Lucky 7 Blitz Days with Lucky 7 Management team
· Regular Business reviews
· Featured company profile on new web site

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