“THE HUBBIT” – First University Lucky 7

By December 14, 2015News

“The Hubbit” at Griffith University has become the very first Lucky 7 branded
convenience store on any campus in Australia.

After careful consideration and research Taso Kontoudious has settled on Lucky 7 as his brand of choice for his university convenience store at Griffith University in the outskirts of Brisbane.

At the time, Taso knew he needed to upgrade his offer to cater for the growing demand of his university students, however did not know where to start. “Knowledge and experience is the key to avoiding expensive mistakes in any re-development” and while Taso was blessed with location, knowing what to range and how to layout his store was a

“Knowledge and experience is the key to avoiding expensive mistakes in any re-development”

Apart from these dilemmas, there was also the challenge on making his offer relevant to his students who had an expectation of what they wanted, based on what they had experienced outside the grounds of the campus.

The only way that Taso could get the expertise and knowledge that he was looking for was to join a franchise offer, however this would come at a cost. That was until he met the Lucky 7 Retail Coordinator (LRC) “Steven Edwards” who presented the Lucky 7 offer, which provided all the benefits of a franchise without the fees.

Owned and operated by Campbells Wholesale, the Lucky 7 offer is designed for independent operators like Taso who want to retain their independence with the benefit of looking like a franchise.

“Lucky 7 was there every step of the way”

Through Lucky 7’s retail expertise, Taso was able to get the right advice on how to lay his convenience store out, where to get the best prices for equipment and fixtures, what products to range based on his location and how to position these products based on traffic flow and planograms.

“Lucky 7 was there every step of the way”. Lucky 7 also came to the party with all of the branding elements with little investment from Taso and no brand or royalty fees for the use of the name.

“In addition to all of this I now have a professional monthly promotional program, strong supplier support and a full service provider in Campbells Wholesale with dedicated face to face service from my Retail Coordinator”.

“Since converting to Lucky 7 I have seen my retail sales grow by 15% and saved myself a lot of head aches and money in the process Now I can focus on running my business rather than being run by my business.”

If you are looking for that next level in your campus convenience store, don’t make any decisions until you have talked to the team at Lucky 7.

Call today (02) 9751 8281 or email barton.walsh@metcashfg.com